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The Orville is an upcoming comedy-drama science fiction television series created by and starring Seth MacFarlane that is set to premiere on Sunday, September 10, 2017, with new episodes to air Thursdays on Fox during the 2017–18 season


Season 1

No. Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers
1 “Old Wounds” Jon Favreau Seth MacFarlane September 10, 2017 1LAB01 8.56
25th-century space pilot Ed Mercer divorces his wife Kelly Grayson after he catches her cheating on him. A year later, he accepts a position as Captain of the U.S.S. Orville and finds to his dismay that his ex-wife Kelly will serve as his First Officer. During the Orville’s first mission, the hostile alien Krill Captain (Joel Swetow) attempt to steal a device that can accelerate time, which has both beneficial and dangerous applications. Mercer and Grayson rig the device to destroy itself and the Krill vessel.
2 “Command Performance” Robert Duncan McNeill Seth MacFarlane September 17, 2017 1LAB03 6.63
The technologically advanced Calivon imprison Ed and Kelly in a replica of their former home as a zoo exhibit. Alara is left in command of the Orville as Bortus has laid an egg and must incubate it. Alara is unsure of herself, but gains confidence with the help of Dr. Finn’s mentorship. Ed and Kelly wonder if they could have made their relationship work, but finally conclude that they were never compatible for a long-term romantic relationship, despite their strong camaraderie. Admiral Tucker orders Alara to return to Earth instead of approaching the powerful Calivon; Alara violates these orders and rescues Ed, Kelly, and an alien child by trading an archive of Earth’s reality television for them. Ed presents Alara with a medal of honor and believe he and Kelly can prevent her from being punished for insubordination. A female offspring hatches from Bortus’s egg, stunning him and Klyden as this is thought to be biologically impossible for the single-gender Moclans.
3 “About a Girl” Brannon Braga Seth MacFarlane September 21, 2017 1LAB04 4.05
Ed and Dr. Finn object to Bortus and Klyden wanting their newborn child to be made a male.
4 “If the Stars Should Appear” James L. Conway TBA September 28, 2017 1LAB02 TBD
5 “Pria” Jonathan Frakes TBA October 5, 2017 1LAB05 TBD
6 “Krill” Jon Cassar TBA October 12, 2017 1LAB06 TBD
7 TBA Tucker Gates TBA TBA 1LAB07 TBD
8 TBA Seth MacFarlane TBA TBA 1LAB08 TBD
9 TBA Jamie Babbit TBA TBA 1LAB09 TBD
10 TBA Jon Cassar TBA TBA 1LAB10 TBD
11 TBA Kelly Cronin TBA TBA 1LAB11 TBD
12 TBA Kevin Hooks TBA TBA 1LAB12 TBD
13 TBA Seth MacFarlane Mark Jackson TBA 1LAB13 TBD

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